melancholy youth

since 2016.6

used list

used商品のリストです それぞれ一点ものになります

Page France - Hello, Dear Wind 100yen
Vibragun - Self Titled (日本盤) 200yen
The Goodfight - Home Again (日本盤) 200yen
Brand New - Your Favorite Weapon (日本盤) 150yen
Waterdog - Self Titled 100yen
Arctic Monkeys - Leave Before The Lights Come On (日本流通盤) 50yen
Delphic - Acolyte (日本盤, CDにキズ多少アリ) 100yen
Klaxons - Surfing the Void (日本盤) 200yen
Westkust - Junk EP (日本流通盤) 100yen
Underworld - Barking (日本盤/DVD付き, CDにキズ多少アリ) 100yen
the cibo - THREE EP 100yen
VIPS - the word free
何者ナンダカ - はじまり free
世界の終わり - 幻の命 500yen
And Free - And Free 50yen
And Free - 朧花火 50yen
猫羽なろろ - sleeps 50yen
猫羽なろろ - Not Perple 50yen
猫羽なろろ - 試験管 free
猫羽なろろ - 試験管ep 50yen
SEQUIM - Way to... 100yen
SEQUIM - reach for... 100yen
KIDS - それなら僕は 100yen
blind girl - 溺れる部屋 100yen
新世界リチウム - 喝さい free
V.A. - 閃光ライオット2010 100yen
OverTheDogs - 冷やし中華以外、始めました。(Sample盤) take free
NICO Touches the Walls - ビッグフット 150yen
NICO Touches the Walls - ホログラム (初回盤) 100yen
シキサイパズル - triangle 100yen
Crawlingfly - 小さな水槽 100yen
Boys End Swing Girl - Forever Young フリーサンプラー free
THE CLUTCH / Everlasting - Keep one's promise free
The Salivans - SALIVATE.EP 100yen
The Salivans - Unicorn / Boys Don't Cry 100yen
The Salivans - 君のロック free
The Salivans - 1st Demo 100yen
Fixed Sound Tracker - ANSWER 200yen
We Are The Champion$ - Blank State 50yen
We Are The Champion$ - WHAT I NEED 300yen
Issues - Issues (日本盤) 500yen
Arkangel - Hope You Die by Overdose 500yen
twenty|one|pilots - Guns for Hands 50yen
a&works - S/T EP 100yen
Copeland - In Motion (日本盤) 200yen
V.A. - Hopelessly Devoted to You vol.6 100yen
V.A. - A Really Big Mouth vol.2 100yen
V.A. - Beyond [The] Blue 100yen
V.A. - Beyond [The] Blue vol.4 100yen
V.A. - Beyond [The] Blue vol.5 100yen
V.A. - Beyond [The] Blue vol.6 100yen
awakebutstillinbed - what people call low self​-​esteem is really just seeing yourself the way that other people see you 1300yen (black vinyl) ※ダウンロードコード未使用
Whale Bones - The Seaside EP 300yen
Whale Bones - Island Fire 500yen
Tom Ze - Jogos de Armar 50yen
Seyed - Thaeestrasse 16 / Vacancy (cassette) 100yen ケース割れあり
Tiny Moving Parts - Swell CD 800yen
Tiger Style Records - Artist Sampler 2002-2003 100yen
Colossal Wrecks - Waste the Moments LP 800yen
Silver Scooter - Orleans Parish CD 300yen
Saves the Day - Stay What You Are (日本盤) CD 200yen
Saves the Day - Sound the Alarm CD 200yen
Camp Trash - Downtiming 7inch (1st press: Black) 800yen
Latterman - No Matter Where We Go...! CD-R 200yen
Latterman - Turn Up The Punk, We'll Be Singing CD-R 200yen
Slow Mass - On Watch LP (1st press: Blue Marble Opaque) 1300 yen
Slow Mass - Treasure Pains LP (2nd press: White) 1000 yen