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after works distro stock list


after works distroの在庫リストになります

port - import / export EP (CD)

by the end of summer - Laughing e.p. (CD)

Shelly - What a Wonderful Place The Earth Must Be (Cassette)

mira - Self Titled ep (CD) (残り1枚)

Mountain Weather - SPRING2016 (CD)

without - westgate No.5 EP (CD)

dear student - Recollection of the Philatelist (CD)

スーベニア - Think Twice (CD)

Chinese Football - Here comes a new challenger! (CD)


shuto - off (CD)

Element 5 - Waters ep (CD)

Element 5 - Good Morning, delight (CD)

day's eye - MARGARET ep (7inch)

Camping Trailer - Memoryscape +4 (CD)

control - tape (cassette)

Free, I do - Passed days. And footsteps echo. (CD)

The Firewood Project - Causes (CD)

Frogs in Flight - DEMO (CD)

drama / slower / jyugatsunodrum - 3way split (CD)

drama - koyomi (CD)

Singles - Go forward (CD)

shuto - day weak month (CD)

cattle - Star sailor (CD)

cattle - April showers (Cassette)

port - Some Kinds of Emotions EP (CD)

orders are orders - What is our next stop? (CD)

I LIKE YOUNG GIRL - Local Trains Pass The Scenes EP (CD)

(the submariners) - tidepool (CD)

Pohgoh - Secret Club (CD)

falls - Egg Hunt (CD)

dear student - I still see you in my dreams (CD)

schlafsack - we feel much better than you (CD)


awesome &roid - E.P. (CD) (残り1枚)

Acle - demo (CD) ※残り1枚

Foursidewalks - beneath the elm tree e.p. (CD)

Loss Leader - Self Titled (LP)

sour thought - 夕凪に都夏を想う (CD)

folks - あたたかい (CD)

control - letter never sent (7inch)

Pygmy I'm cricket - Separation e.p. (CD)

switchblade - punch of rain (cassette)

carb on carb - for ages (CD)

Charlotte is Mine - When The Daybreak Comes (CD) ※残り1枚

Charlotte is Mine - IN SOMEWHERE NIGHTS (CD)

sushi - sushi the mine (CD)

スーベニア / Town - とうとう (CD)

deerafter - tops and bottoms (CD-R)

石の犬 - uncertain hollow (CD)

Acle - Cling to The Past (CD)

Snowing - Everything (CD)

TURNCOAT - My dear ex... (CD)

Pohgoh - In Memory of Bab (CD)

eleventwelfth - eleventwelfth (CD)

Muncie Girls - Fixed Ideals (CD) ※1枚

Chinese Football - Continue? (CD)

Haus - Studie 1 (CD-R)

RETROGRADE97 - Demo 2019 (CD)

20181208 mix (CD-R) ※1枚のみ



9/16 新代田 FEVER
9/22 郡山 アートスペース 傘-casa-
10/5 郡山 PEAK ACTION after works presents "in the same place"

支払い方法は振込のみで, 発送はゆうメール, ゆうパック, 定形外普通郵便となります

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